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Lifetime Of Suffering

by Domination

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It's time that you face your fucking consequences. You chose a tragedy over your friends and family. You will pay. You mother fucker. You will pay. As your hell awaits you. I hate the person you've become. You've changed for the worse. The choices that you've mad is fucking up your entire life. You chose a tragedy. Over your friends and family. Now your time has come. Time to face your punishment. you have been chosen to a lifetime of suffering A lifetime of suffering.
Broken Trust 03:15
You did this to me. You're the reason i have so much hatred inside of my heart Im empty and ill seek revenge on you youre cold hearted,fucking spineless you created a monster and i will unleash my rage on you wrapping my hands around your throat. instilling fear. feel your heart racing as i send you to hell you made me believe in something that wasnt even there a fucking fake,you dint even care ill put a knife through your back as you did to me they say what goes around comes back around i want you to die you made me believe in something that wasnt even there a fucking fake,you dint even care i want to watch you fall to pieces i want you to die
Ive been here since day one. no short cuts,no 2nd chances. Ive paid my dues Ive earned what i got. You need to prove yourself. your actions arent as loud as your words. pay your dues and step up. you havent earned your respect yet. it just wont get handed to you. its not as easy as it looks. Only the chosen few will stand among us. Others will be left behind. You havent earned what ive worked for With my blood,sweat and tears Ive proven myself time and time again You want respect? Step the fuck up. You want respect? Its time to pay your dues.
Since the day i was born. You've always protected me. You kept me save. Nothing could ever touch me. I said when i grow up. I wanna be just like you Alway standing tall. Break through anything in my way. My father. You are forever in my heart. Everything was perfect Til the day it all came crashing down on me The father i thought i knew. Was a liar,decevier. Youre not what i thought you were. My whole life was turned upside down. A childhood became a fucking nightmare. I thought i could never forgive you. I said i fucking hate you. You god damn fake. As you sit there rotting behind bars. As these years go by. I understand Even your loved ones make mistakes in life. I just wanted to say im sorry. And i hope you can forgive me. I will always care for you As you cared for me. My father Will forever live inside my heart.
Reborn 02:49
You can't stop us now. We're coming back stronger than ever. We were fucked over. You betrayed us all. Digging deep to find the strength to keep going on. Friendships were tested. Our bond was torn apart. Through the struggles. Through the hardship. I knew it was time to make a change. Rebuilding of a path once destroyed. It's a resurrection of a broken dream. You fucking bitch. You can't stop us now. We don't need you. We're coming back strong than ever. You can't stop us now. We're coming back stronger than before. I am reborn.
This goes out to my friends, my brothers,my family. through thick and thin i will always have your back. as we look out for each other. nothing will ever bring us down. we've had our differences, but that will never break what we have. I will forever be faithful. A friendship that is unbreakable. When the odds up against us. We'll run right thought them. We are unstoppable. Our bond is strong within this family. We wont be torn apart We been from the start As we stand side by side Nothing will bring us down This is my life This is my heart This is my loyalty And i'll be here through thick and thin Trhough thick and thin And i'll be here through thick and thin
I live for this. It's what keeps me alive. If it wasn't for hardcore,I'd be going nowhere. It's the only place that I can call a home. Good friends. Good music. Good fucking times. This will forever be my home. I will never leave this place. I'm here til' the bitter end. I will never leave this. Many friends have come and gone. This place isn't what it used to be. But I know that hardcore will always be there for me. I will never leave this place. I'm here til' the fucking end. I will never leave this place. A place I call my home.


Domination - Lifetime of Suffering


released August 30, 2011

2011 Westcoast Worldwide Records


all rights reserved



Westcoast Worldwide Sacramento, California

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