Nothing's Left to Save Us

by Move Forward

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Move Forward - Nothing's Left to Save Us

2013 Westcoast Worldwide Records


released May 14, 2013

Move Forward - Nothing's Left to Save Us

2013 Westcoast Worldwide Records


all rights reserved



Westcoast Worldwide Sacramento, California

Founded in 1996 by Mike Hood, Westcoast Worldwide Records has a proven commitment to bring the best that the scene has to offer. With a past and present roster of bands covering all areas of the genre Westcoast Worldwides love of all things hardcore shines through. We are you, and you are us! If you love hardcore then check us out, and support our bands! ... more

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Track Name: 01 Move Forward - Into This Machine
I’ll throw my body
Into this machine
Let every crushing sound
Bring with it a change
Track Name: 02 Move Forward - The Fear Keeps Me Anywhere But Here - Feat. Jason Anthony

I told my mother not to worry about me
Somehow I knew I’d be fine
But there’s always that little voice
That reminds you when you tell a lie
What do you do when you’re the seed
That makes a family tree grow rotten
You’re that little reminder
That say, “You fucking lied to me.”
So many roots undone
But not in one fell swoop
Would you trade your life for so many someone else’s
It becomes clear that this fear
Keeps me anywhere but here
What do you do when you’re the seed
That makes a family tree grow rotten
You’re that little reminder that says,
“You lied to me.”
So may roots undone
Not in one fell swoop, but so much time
If I’m broken at home
Can I fix me on the road?
Track Name: 03 Move Forward - Gears

I’d gladly feast on those who subdue me
If only to return the favor
Of a life long struggle we’re bred into
Like any man brought to the edge would do
Forbidden to speak
I’ll open my mouth
Forbidden to think
Told never to run
I won’t tread lightly
I’ll never look up at you
Not allowed to see
I won’t be blind
Told what to eat
I’ll never believe
Made to order and thrown on the pile
This won’t be the last of me
Just like an engine needs fuel
They need a people made to serve
Sold water and air as a catalyst to combine with fear and make the world turn
Spinning around but for a few
While we traverse the path laid out
Combusting all the while
This machine moves on
Don’t fool yourself into thinking
You exist outside this box
Your forward thinking is the drug
They use to satiate
All the while the gears turn
Building friction
But I’m not afraid to do what it takes
To stop the bleeding, look to yourself
One well placed wrench to end it all
I’ll throw my body into this machine
Let every crushing sound bring with it a change
I’ll throw my heart into everything they stole from me
I’ll find a weakness; a way to make this machine bleed
All they taught us – it never meant anything
All we thought we knew – we’ll unlearn and find the truth
All they made us fear – we’ll take back and call our own
All those gears we turned – we’ll break free and burn them down
Track Name: 04 Move Forward - The Long Goodbye

We left before the sun had a chance
To hit the ground as we walked in silence
We never said goodbye
Or gave you the chance
To tell me you loved me
If I said I wasn’t coming back
I hate to say you wouldn’t know the difference
Now left all alone with no one to blame
It took distance
To make this heart finally grow fond of something
Maybe it takes losing it all to know just what I got
We left before the moon came out
On another starless night
We never said goodbye so it wouldn’t hurt to see me
Just walk on by
My worst nightmare came true with my wildest dreams
Now this is killing me
We left before we said goodbye
So it won’t hurt
When you walk by
Track Name: 05 Move Forward - Check's in the Mail

Not a moment of weakness or a cry for help
Still another life gets set on the shelf
I hate to be the one to say this
It’s too late for you
Not a random fate
It didn't happen by chance
I know you did your best
To not consider that
And now it’s here but you’re not ready
To change your life
But it’s too late
How could you be so selfish?
How could you do this to me?
Why would you carry on?
Again and again…
Not an act of kindness or a sign from above
Such a lack of respect
Is this what you call love?
All the while we plod along
Waiting to receive our dividends
CHORUS – I haven’t lost my humanity
But inhumanity prevails
Because a pound of flesh just isn’t enough
I’m not just fucking angry – I’m scared
How can I show compassion for those who won’t be bothered?
To be considerate and just it die
I’m not just fucking angry – I’m scared
This world has so much beauty
Being trampled out
We act so entitled
To consume everything
With a selfish heart
That can never look back
We’re seven billion weak
And we’re going strong
I hate to be the one to say
It’s too late for you
It’s too late for us all
But it’s too late to change
But I won’t be brought down
It’s too late to change
Track Name: 06 Move Forward - With or Without Me

I was never supposed to end up here
This was never ever supposed to be
That doesn’t mean it’s wrong
But knowing me it will never come to be
I won’t apologize for feeling the way I do
But sure enough
I won’t have to
I’ll just wear this burden
As a reminder of who I’m not
These walls felt different
When I was just a kid
The feeling’s there but the heart is not
Something changed but it wasn’t me
You don’t see me
You don’t hear me
I can’t stand pretending
Maybe it’s easier for us both
If I would just stop trying
I’m so fucking lost
I’m so fucking ashamed
If I’m so fucking different
Why the fuck did you choose me?
I don’t belong with you
I don’t even belong with me
I was fucking lost
Until I found this place
I thought we’d never change
But you moved on without me
If I’m the pariah
You’re the constant reminder
I’ll wear this burden
Of who I’ll never be
What ever happened to the day we’d never trade away?
I thought you were someone who could never turn their back and run
Now I look on as you move miles ahead of me
And from the distance I say,
“You’re my constant reminder.”
Track Name: 07 Move Forward - 11-20-11

Another day wishing I wasn't at home
Another day for me to be alone
I’m not sure I have what it takes
To hold my head up high and be
The man I want to be
I can’t stand looking at the unknown
I’ll tear every mirror down from my wall
I can’t run away from life forever
I gotta slow down and settle down somewhere
At what age do I have to grow up?
And who really knows just what that means?
I won’t spend my life another pretender
CHORUS A sad old man
And all he thinks he’ll never see
It’s too late (too late) to change who he is
Another day wishing I’m somewhere else
Another day to change everything
Not just a day for me to consume
But embrace this world and all it has to show
There’s a better way to see this place
Another day to try it again
We have a chance to finally wake up
I won’t spend my life
Just another pretender
A little boy
And all he thinks he’s got to be
It’s too late (too late) for me to change
Who I am
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
I’ll make my fortune with these people around me
I never asked for a sense of security
But all these trouble just circle
And drown me
As I wake in a cold sweat
Trying to see if this was all just a dream
I wouldn’t believe myself
If I ever told me
I ask my father what it takes to really be a man
He lets a smile escape as he shakes his head
He looks me in the eye and says, “Son,
Finding out is half the fun.”
I know this is where I’m meant to be
I won’t question what it takes to go on
It doesn't mean it’s going to be easy
But today is the best day
I’ve ever gotten to see
Track Name: 08 Move Forward - Lone Shark - Feat. Griffin Kolinski

Don’t pretend for a minute
I don’t lost any sleep
Thinking of what could be
All of my shortcomings, always dreaming
When will it be me?
When you know who you are
And just stop giving a fuck
It’s never too late to make a clean slate
Take those memories like bricks
And smash right through the glass
The kind of contempt in you
That comes from familiarity
Apathy and complacency is bred by your shitty perspective
I lived long enough to know
That I don’t know enough
The hardest lessons learned
Are the ones they want to go untold
They shoot – the live – they sell – they win
We try to build a better life…
Money is their language
And we followed the sounds of their screams
Like bringing a gun to a class war
We don’t know what all this means
I’ve learned a thing about sacrifice
And I’ve learned a thing about vice
I’m got a bone to pick with their axe to grind
It goes something life this
The idiosyncrasy and differences deep inside ourselves
We took their brick and made our own hell
Now who will bake this bread?
I’ve learned a thing about sacrifice
And I’ve learned a thing about vice
I’ve got a bone to pick with their axe to grind
It goes something like this
We took their bricks and we made our own hell
The kind of contempt in you that comes from familiarity
Your apathy and complacency is bred by your shitty perspective
I’ve lived long enough to know that I don’t know enough
The hardest lessons learned are the ones they want to go
This is not me
This is not my life
Track Name: 09 Move Forward - Wit's End
Wit's End

The winding road has split in two
The pretty scenery turned into dust
All the beauty of steel
Just a memory
All these buildings turned into rust
I reached the end of my map
Found nothing of my own
So I just turned back
Nowhere to call my home

I can't decide what's worse
Being afraid to fail
Or just cutting my losses
Save everyone the grief
I'll save myself the heartache of another attempt
Just a bitter complaint and I'll be out of your way
I won't have these dreams at the cost of your pity
So I'll run away
We'll just blame it on pride

Such a likely excuse
What more did you expect?
I expect to lose
Its just something I'm used to
Tell me what if I said
"I'll never leave again"
Now tell me what if I said
"I'll stay close just for you"
So when I turn my back
You won't see my face
Just a consequence of letting myself down
I'm finally learning to cope with what it really means
To give my heart to someone
Not just keep it for me

This is how I want to be remembered
I wouldn't ever change a thing
You see there's something about being proud and determined
The only thing that's great about me
I know you always said there was so much more
You always had a way with words
But it's too late to change
I won't try anyway
Let's just pretend that we're better off
I won't venture what it's not worth to gain
I guess the juice wasn't worth the squeeze
All alone
So afraid
Looking back it was the fear
Of failing that scares me the most

Sometimes I scare myself with all I can't help but think
Going down that road I bring myself to the brink
I see the smile on your face
Just before the crash
As the glass breaks through
I think of what's to come

So at my eulogy
Tell my mother not to cry
Her son lived a good life
Died how he wanted to die
With a lifetime of pictures
That I wished I had saved
Let this be the last photo that you see of me

A failure
A triumph
A gasp and a scream
This was everything that I needed it to be
as I look back down on that winding road
I won't wonder if I went the wrong way

I came home after living a dream
Everything wasn't quite as it seemed
I was brought back to life
From the end of my rope
In spite of everything
I'd rather fail than hope
Track Name: 10 Move Forward - Nothing to Believe

In my darkest days
I must confess
Pretending there was hope to change this
As we travel on is disarray
My darkest fears are confirmed
In brighter days
Before our time
I believe we were more than this
As we travel on in constant decay
I know this will never be the same
Is this the end?
Of everything we ever loved
I’m afraid when it’s said and done
All of us will say, “We were never apart of this,”
I wake up again
I breathe in warm air
I can’t believe what surrounds me
All I see is hate and filth
I can’t believe I helped making this surroundings
Is this then end?
Of everything we ever loved
I know when it’s said and done
All of us will say
We were never apart of this
Nothing is sacred
Nothing is pure
There’s nothing to fear, no pain to endure
I’ll believe in anything, just to say I have faith in something
Nothing is ventured
Nothing is gained
There’s no reason to question what can’t be explained
I’ll believe in anything just to say I have faith in something
And we’ll fall forever
I don’t wanna die
I just wanna get wasted
When you say that we’re ok –
I can’t believe in this fate
Do you ever look back
On the things that you’ve done?
Can you honestly say you never heart anyone?
I can honestly say
I was not apart of this
When the world looks back on us
Who will say they remember us?
Will they know us, will they hear us, do they even care?
I think it’s safe to say there’s nothing left to save us

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